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 1) Do I need any additional equipment for my EYTraker to function properly?

No, you don't need any additional equipment. Attached the supplied GPS antenna and mount it on your car roof. Attach the GSM antenna and connect your car battery supply to the tracker. If you have followed the Manual to configure the EYTraker and SIM card, you will be tracking in UIView within 2 minutes.

2) Where in South Africa will the EYTraker work?

The EYTraker will track your vehicle location anywhere in South Africa or the world for that matter, where there is GSM coverage, which supports GPRS.

3) What is the latest Firmware on the EYTraker Version 3?

The latest released firmware is V4.06 (3 Feb 2007)  supporting most of the new features.

V4.06: Secondary APRS server added for backup.                                                            Status: Released

V4.07: Small user requested changes on Software.                                                             Status: Beta Testing

The microprocessor has very little code space left for major changes but there will always be improvements on Firmware that will be made available to EYTraker users for bootloading into their units.

4) Can additional features be added to the EYTraker upon request from users?

Yes, but the code space is very limited but I'm prepared to add small features to the Firmware upon request from users. There is a third A to D converter that is prepared for on the V3 PCB that only needs to be activated in firmware. Please contact me with ideas and comments.

5) How does the EYTraker work?

The EYTraker unit is based on a GPS Module for navigation data, a GSM module connected to the Internet via GPRS and a PIC microcontroller that controls the flow of information between GPS and GSM module. The PIC is responsible for obtaining navigational data from the GPS, reading the battery voltage, doing beacon timing, maintaining the GPRS connection, reading the internal module temperature, compiling the APRS Packets, sending the APRS at the correct time etc. The PIC runs at 4 MHz and has plenty of tasks to complete every second.

6) How much does the EYTraker cost?

The once off cost of the EYTraker is detailed, with various options, under the Pricing Link. The GPRS cost for a month, running the EYTraker on a 24/7 bases is around 15MB of GPRS data or R30 on MTN or Vodacom. This is out of bundle GPRS costs.

7) The cost of the EYTraker is around R2800 at a ZAR/USD exchange rate of R7.10/$. Why is it relatively expensive?

The EYTraker contains a full GSM mobile phone with GPRS class 10 performance, a 16 channel GPS receiver and high quality PCB and components. When we do a comparison what you will need to have an equivalent RF based system in you vehicle: 2m RF Radio: R 1000, GPS receiver: R 1000, A tracking device (Open Tracker or TinyTrak) R300, Antenna and other components: R 300. This equates to R2600 of equipment to do vehicle tracking BUT you are still limited to RF digipeater coverage.

8) How do I know where the EYTraker has connected, for how long? Is there a status page somewhere?

Yes, the Java server that the EYTraker connects to will give you all the information you require. The following screenshot is from a Java server running at http://www.aprs-za.com:14501 ZS6EY-8 and ZS6EY-9 are both EYTraker Stations as can be seen from the screenshot.

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The available ports are indicated on the website: 10152,14580 and 1314

Port: This is the port your EYTraker is connected to.

Client: This shows the EYTraker IP address and the relay port

Callsign: The Logon Callsign of the EYTraker is shown in this column.

Verified: If you have selected the option, the EYTraker will be verified if the validation number is correct.

Software: This indicates the EYTraker is connected and current firmware version.

Connected: This time stamp indicates for how long the station has been connected to the server.

Last Packed In: This time stamp indicates when last a packet has been received from the EYTraker.