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EYTraker Pro

The EYTraker Pro has been Discontinued

The EYTraker Pro is the new version of the original EYTraker V3 that features the following changes and enhancements:

- Completely redesigned Switch Mode power supply with a 84% Efficiency compared to the linear power supply with 40% efficiency. This means less heat and a longer battery life and a cooler running module. The design uses a LM2596 simple switcher from National Semiconductors. The power supply can deliver up to 2A of current at high efficiency.

- The LM1528 is kept for the GM862-GPS voltage supply of 3.8V.

- A PIC 16F628 has been added to add message capability to the EYTraker. The user can now change settings in realtime, while the unit is connected to the GPRS network, without having to use the configuration software.

- Updated Overvoltage, undervoltage and vehicle transient voltage protection for a power supply design that can survive in the automotive environment.

- Same formfactor as the original EYTraker V3 with compatible connections.

- Wider operating voltage range: 6V - 16V for the vehicle version and 6V - 30V operating voltage range for the truck version.

- Updated software for both the PIC 18F252 and PIC 16F628.

- GPS Antenna realtime voltage and short circuit protection.

The new EYTraker Pro PCB V4 showing the Power supply assembled::

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